What is profit3?

is a novel concept which trains the 3 essential qualities for a successful life – Physical, Emotional & Cognitive wellness.

It is an integrated fitness course to suit the demands of high performers who require –

  • extremely agile cognitive productivity at their work
  • emotional resilience to handle high stress situations
  • The physical & mental toughness to raise performance in all facets of life - work, family & social context.

How is ProFIT3 different?

3x3x3 – 3 types of fitness x 3 hours a week x 3 months. That’s the reason for the cube symbol in ProFIT3.

The class sessions will have physical exercises, stress management drills along with brain games on computer.

A combination of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL & COGNITIVE exercises – modeled from the training methodologies of US Navy Seals and Israeli Commandos, which prepare average human beings to be objective and efficient in highly physically and mentally stressful situations.

Who will benefit most from ProFIT3?

  • CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, especially 30+ aged
  • STUDENTS appearing for competitive exams like IAS, +2, CA, IIT will be benefited immensely

What are the issues faced by 30+ aged corporate executives?

Till 30 most of us take fitness for granted. Whatever we do, abuse or eat the system doesn’t show enough damage to evoke concern.
But, the 30+ aged Executive starts getting niggling worries about fitness due to …

  • Over-weight, especially around the mid-riff, which is the most dangerous fat accumulation
  • Stress at work due to middle-management role and management expectations, in times of shrinking top and bottom lines.
  • Stress at home due to increased demands on finance - home loans & expanding family
  • Cognitive paralysis since the thinking is limited to vertical expertise in job-specific niche skills

What are the issues faced by aspirants of competitive exams like?

  • Over-weight, since all physical activities come to a stand-still.
  • Stress due to competitive pressures & increased parental and peer-group expectations
  • Cognitive restriction due to Exam focus, which reduces creative and lateral thinking

What will be the PHYSICAL benefits, in 3 months?

Correct Posture, Optimize Weight, Improve Stamina, Enhance Endurance, Develop Flexibility, Enjoy Agile Movement & Prevent life-style deceases.

What will be the EMOTIONAL benefits, in 3 months?

Manage Stress , Control Anger, Reduce Anxiety & Toughen Attitude

What will be the COGNITIVE benefits, in 3 months?

Improved neuro-plasticity - Memory & Focus, Develop different types of intelligence including Logical & Creative thinking

What will be the structure of the ProFIT3 class?

  • Hourly sessions 3 days a week for 3 months
  • The classes will combine Physical and Mental exercise methodologies used in the training of US Navy seals and Israeli commandos

Who has devised the ProFIT3 content?

  • SreeRam is the KravMaga Instructor for TamilNadu Police commandos. He has 30 years experience encompassing corporate management and training police, security and executives
  • The physiotherapy inputs are provided by Kaviraj, trained in UK. His areas of expertise are neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and sports related injuries. Kaviraj also works on rehabilitation and ergonomics issues.
  • Overall medical advice is provided by Dr Anoop Velayudhan who is at present working for WHO, specializing in public health.

What are the common concerns addressed by ProFIT3?

    The common concerns addressed by ProFIT3 are –
  • Can I start any strenuous activity with my present level of fitness?
  • Will this fit in my daily routine? Or will the session expect me to change drastically my life syle
  • Will this benefit me in a measurable manner

Where are the ProFIT3 classes?

  • The first batch will be at KravMaga training centre, 7, 8th cross street, Karpagam Gardens, Adyar. (Landmark – near SBI on 6th cross street
  • We will have 2 batches - 6.30 AM-7.30 AM and 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM.
  • Each batch will come on alternate days – Monday, Thursday & Saturday. Or Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

What is the cost of ProFIT3 course?

The fee of the 3 months course is Rs. 7500/-. For the first batch starting on 1st Nov we are planning to give a discount of Rs.1500/-.on the fee.

What is the ProFIT3 online option?

  • For those not able to come daily, we will have a weekend class of 1 hour, after which we will give a weekly schedule for practice at home. The instructor will see the daily updates and advise
  • This option will be for 12 Sundays and cost Rs. 3600/- . The first batch starts from 1st Nov. 2015.

What is the ProFIT3 app?

ProFIT3 mobile app lets one keep a diary of daily exercises, food intake and tracks the progress